How Weird Al Connects Aluminium Foil to a Conspiracy Theory Will Blow Your Mind

Weird Al Yankovic seems to be having a phenomenal week so far – at least that’s how it seems from his viral music videos. In honor of the release of his highly-anticipated parody album, Mandatory Fun, Weird Al promised to release 8 new music videos over 8 days back-to-back. We have been doing a pretty good job at keeping up with his busy schedule of music video releases so far. First, there was “Tacky” – which was a hilarious parody of the hit Pharrell Williams song “Happy.” Then, you found out about Weird Al and his big “dictionary” in the hit parody remix of “Blurred Lines” called “Word Crimes.” Now, we are featuring another popular Weird Al video released earlier this week which is a parodied remix of the Grammy-Award winning song, “Royal” called “Foil.” That’s right – Weird Al created a catchy song about aluminum foil. If you pay attention to the lyrics, Weird Al transitions from talking about how aluminum foil is used to preserve to leftover food to how the world and Big Brother have used foil as a tactic from aliens to control our minds and bodies. Wow, Weird Al! Only someone like you could connect aluminum foil to interplanetary lifeforms – and do it so well. Bravo! We can only wonder what Weird Al has in store for us all next.


Weird Al

Weird Al connects foil to world conspiracies. How?

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