Walter White Made it to Outer Space. Here is the GoPro Camera Footage to Prove It!

Walter White – the lead character that you love to hate and hate to love from the popular AMC series, Breaking Bad. Walter White has definitely been a lot of places over the years, which is one of the reasons why millions of people flocked towards their televisions ever week to keep up with the many adventures of Walter White and Jesse. However, Walter White has never traveled as far as the official Walter White bobblehead doll. We can say that thanks to TV Tag. These guys and gals hooked the Walter White bobblehead doll up to a weather balloon and a GoPro camera and sent him into the sky – above and beyond any distance that the real Walter White ever crossed himself personally throughout each season of the series. What did you think about watching Walter White make it to outer space?

Walter White

Walter White made it to outer space…sorta.

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