Viral Videos – Taxi Driver Body In Trunk

The Royal Stampede had a sweet prank laid out to scare the pants off of a taxi driver that ended up backfiring on them. They create some awesome viral videos and this is one of them.

After calling a cab, the prankster asked the cabbie to help him load some supplies, and then finally a long body bag that he pathetically claimed was a Persian rug.

The cabbie was first very helpful, but quickly began to put the pieces together. He was helping with a murder! When the opportunity arose, the cab driver sped off with the prankster out of the cab. Definitely viral videos material

However, the prank partner who was in the body bag was stuck bound in the cab’s trunk with the driver unaware he was part of a YouTube prank! The nervous prankster ended up calling the police to clear up the sticky situation.

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