This Video Game Store Proved That You CAN Make a Game Out of Anything – Even Junk!

When you own a video game store (or any other business for that matter), things can go wrong at any moment. It seems as if there is always something to fix or something to repair — and that’s not even counting the actual merchandise that is being sold! Well, this particular video game store decided to turn a negative situation into a positive by making light of their situation. Doing so actually attracted the attention of a lot of local gamers and loyal customers.

When their shutters broke, they could have put up an “OUT OF ORDER” or “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” sign or even used a separate entrance and exit for their customers with a sign like “PLEASE USE THE OTHER DOOR.” However, that’s not what this video game store did at all. You see, they decided to use their broken shutter to pay tribute to most of the role-playing adventure games that have been created and released over the past decade. That’s right —  they turned it into a controller pad action –> “PRESS (B) TO CROUCH.” If you don’t get why that is hilarious, then you are clearly not a gamer and (theref0re) not the target market of a video game store. However, this should be a lesson for most retail stores and other businesses. Just because it is broken doesn’t mean it can’t be used to draw attention to your store in a good way! Thank you, Reddit user oPHILcial for sharing this picture and thank you to the anonymous video game store employees that put this together!


Video Game Store (Full Pic)

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