When You See This Vegetarian Bear Save a Drowning Crow, It’ll Make You Fall in Love with Nature!

Have You Ever SEEN a Vegetarian Bear?

A vegetarian bear might seem like an oxymoron, but this video proves that one does exist. When Aleksander Medves visited the Budapest Zoo recently, he was able to discover a vegetarian bear for himself – creating a viral video of a moment that may have seemed to be absolutely impossible. In a nearby watering hole, this drowning crow was struggling and suffering – striving to hold on for dear life. The bear could have reached down and grabbed him to put him out of his misery by simply eating him. However, that is not what he did at all. The vegetarian bear reached down and saved the drowning crow before walking off to just go off and enjoy eating some apples. The fact that a vegetarian bear even exists in the first place should make your eyes water and rethink many of the relationships within the animal kingdom that you thought were “natural.”


vegetarian bear

A vegetarian bear IS real!

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