This Uncensored Beyonce Video is Way Too Hot for TV

Beyonce has definitely had some sexy and sultry music videos in the past. Her debut solo single “Crazy in Love” is what created the famous (and also infamous) “Uh-Oh” booty dance. The “Baby Boy” video helped shed her good girl image a little more, especially when she was rolling around half-naked. Her most recent “Drunk in Love” video still has many men thinking about her swerving on surfboards. If you thought that Beyonce couldn’t get any hotter than that, you were dead wrong. Her “Partition” video is HOTTER than HOT — it’s HOT, HOT, HOT!

You definitely want to make sure that your kids aren’t around when you watch it, because it is definitely not for kids.  Jay-Z truly is a lucky man, because Beyonce is BEYOND fine — she is super fine! And this video shows just how sexy she could get.  Prepare yourself, because Beyonce is about to make you feel very hot and bothered. Even a straight woman might start sweating bullets when she watches this – it is just…that…HOT! Do your thing, Beyonce.  We’ll just sit back and keep watching you do it.

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