These Ugly and Disfigured Fruits Belong in the Trash – But Here is Why People Still Buy Them!

Ugly and disfigured fruits. In most cases, when you see these items in the grocery store, you will simply skip over them.



inglorious fruits and vegetables

Could you imagine buying these ugly and disfigured fruits?


The mere concept of putting ugly and disfigured fruits inside of your shopping cart and actually paying for them might seem unreasonable, crazy and ridiculous, right? Before you saw this video, your quick answer to that question would have been “HECK YES!” However, that is not the case with this particular supermarket. You see, this supermarket strongly believes that even ugly and disfigured fruits are valuable and should be sold & eaten just like the beautiful and fresh fruits that most customers seem to love purchasing. That is why they launched the Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables program. The way it works is that customers are offered discounted pricing for being willing to purchase ugly and disfigured fruits.

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