Tyrese Gibson Wants You to Know “This is the Season for New Mistakes.” Here’s Why!

Tyrese Gibson has used his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to truly leave inspirational messages every now and then that are filled with profound statements and motivational themes. Early Tuesday morning (around 2 AM Eastern time), Tyrese went straight to Facebook and was able to share this inspirational video that focuses on the need to make “new mistakes.” He expresses the fact that doing the same thing “over and over again” while expecting a different result is not just the definition of insanity, but it is “suicidal” and “unhealthy.” If you have never taken Tyrese Gibson seriously before as a profound speaker that has a creative way with his words, then you will definitely change your mind about Tyrese Gibson in this video. You can even check out the official Facebook page of Tyrese Gibson to read through over 3,000 comments that have been left on this post – many of which are from people simply thanking Tyrese Gibson for shining  a light on this important topic. What do you think? Is Tyrese Gibson sincere and genuine with this message? Or, on the other hand, does he just simply have a way with words and empty promises?


Tyrese Gibson

“This is the season for new mistakes.” – Tyrese Gibson

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