At Vine, Tyra is having Fun.

Vine  is for Tyra as it is for anyone. She showed that glamor and fun can be combined. Displaying cuteness, playfulness that was captured in Vine, who says models can’t have fun?  Tyra Bank’s glamorous acts captured in Vine shows the world that modeling and goofing off can be combined. We see Tyra dressed up in fashion shows with make-ups,belts, hats, and all. In Vine, she showed nothing of the sort, and showed the world her fun side that is seldom seen by all. A world of diversities, scrutiny, and stereotyping can often caused pressure for some. Others hide, while others flaunt who they truly are. Tyra Bank’s captured moments in Vine shows the industry that being who you are and letting the world see who you are can make a difference in how others perceived you to be. Tyra’s moments that were seen in Vine shows us how simple things can bring joy and warmth and how fun can be for everyone.

Living life to the fullest is always the best course of action and letting the world see the other side of your personality can allow them to see things differently. Tyra showed the world that models bleed and cry.

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