Trey Songz “Na Na” Video – Classy, Controversial, Cocky or Corny?

Trey Songz just released the video for his new single, “Na Na,” from his forthcoming, highly anticipated album. Instead of going back to the nightclub VIP room or the VIP section of his own bedroom (as he has done in many of his other music videos), it is clear that Trey Songz wanted to try something a little different this time around. However, many fans say that he hit the mark while others agree that he missed it. The basic concept is a hot date with a hot woman ends with them traveling into a hidden room inside of a candy shop…filled with gyms and strong & sexy woman. For the majority of the video, Trey is working out alongside these women but he also uses them as his weights every now and then as well.

What do YOU think about the video? Is the new Trey Songz video classy, controversial, cocky or just plain corny?

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