If You Think No One is Driving This Car, You’re Simply Not Looking Hard Enough!

Look at this car. It might appear to be absolutely empty. Therefore, if you were working in a drive-thru window at a local fast food restaurant, you might think that there is no one driving the car and that it is basically driving itself, right? Wrong! You see, Rahat has been performing this invisible driver prank for quite some time now and has gone viral on YouTube many times by doing it throughout the United States. This time around, Toyota decided to bring him on board and take this hilarious trick to brand new heights! They took the invisible driver prank all the way to Europe! A host of drivers, bystanders, toll booth workers and drive-thru employees were scared out of their minds and completely freaked out when they saw Rahat drive up. When you see the video, you will know the truth about the invisible driver prank…but you’ll still love watching it anyway just to see their honest reactions to him!


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