This Toucan Was Mesmerized by a Traffic Camera – And Didn’t Even Know He Was Being Filmed!

Have You Ever Seen a Toucan?

When many people think of looking at a toucan, they may automatically think of the iconic character that is found on their Fruit Loops cereal boxes. However, in Brazil, seeing a real-life toucan is commonplace since these birds are native to that country. Even if you live in Brazil, though, you probably have never seen a toucan like this one – mesmerized by a traffic camera. While driving on the road, most people try to avoid traffic cameras by any means necessary. That is the complete opposite in the case of this toucan who was so mesmerized by his own reflection in the traffic camera that he just continued to stare into the lens – creating this viral video posted by Emerson Oliveira.


Didn’t know a traffic camera was so appealing!

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