This Tortoise Was Determined to Catch Up with a Remote Control Truck – And Did Just That!

This Tortoise Refused to Be Beaten!

The tortoise in this video will definitely put a smile on your face – especially when you take into consideration what he is doing. Keep in mind that tortoises are usually associated with moving “slow and steady” – just like the old storybook tale of the tortoise that raced the hare, remember? Well, the little guy in this viral video posted by John Walkenbach is definitely not up for the “slow and steady” routine – especially when it comes to chasing down the remote controlled truck that just so happened to be traveling near him. This cute video is definitely one of the most viewed YouTube videos of the week so far – especially since it has already generated more than 1.3 million views!



Tortoise vs. Truck – Who will win?

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