Top US TV Drama

US TV concept is taking the online and cable TV entertainment market by storm. With thousands of episodes airing ever year, the TV series business entertains a bigger audience than most of the movies, or perhaps music videos in production. The intriguing US TV drama shows is there will always be something for you regardless of your taste and preferences.

Here’s the top US TV Drama:

1. Homeland: Season 1

Hailed as TV’s best new drama by critics everywhere, the award-winning HOMELAND* delivers compelling characters, thrilling twists and breathtaking suspense. Carrie Mathison (Golden Glober winner Claire Danes), a brilliant but volatile CIA agent, suspects that a rescued American POW may not be what he seems. Is Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody_(Damian Lewis) a war hero…or an Al Qaeda sleeper agent plotting a spectacular terrorist attack on U.S. soil? Following her instincts, Mathison will risk everything to uncover the truth – her reputation, her career and even her sanity. Packed with multiple layers and hidden clues, Season One offers something new every time you see it…watch carefully.

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2. Homeland: Season 2

Homeland makes its triumphant return after winning six Emmyr Awards, including Outstanding Lead Actress for Claire Danes, Outstanding Lead Actor for Damian Lewis and Outstanding Drama Series. Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Lewis) is now a U.S. congressman, and former CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Danes) has returned to civilian life. But when a new and potentially devastating terrorist threat emerges, Brody and Carrie’s lives become intertwined once again and they resume their delicate dance of suspicion, deceit and desire. Delve deeper into the edge-of-your-seat excitement with the thrilling second season of this “unmissable and gloriously suspenseful” (USA Today) hit show.

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3. Homeland: Season 3

As Carrie (Emmy winner Claire Danes) and Saul (Emmy winner Mandy Patinkin) search for the truth behind the bombing of CIA headquarters, lines are blurred between friend and foe and no one can be trusted. While hiding a stunning secret of her own, Carrie helps recruit Brody (Emmy winner Damian Lewis) for a dangerous mission that could offer him a chance at redemption. But when the plan unravels and Brody is targeted deep inside Iran, he must put his life in Carries hands, leading to one of the most suspenseful and shocking season finales in TV history.

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4. Homeland: Season 4

For a basic plot summary (only minor spoilers here), this season begins with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) trying to come to terms with the absence of Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), what with the son she now has that is his. She decides to run from that particular responsibility by taking an assignment overseas in Islamabad, where she investigates a terrorist bombing. A young man named Aayan Ibrahim (Suraj Sharma) is the best asset to solving that mystery, but that investigation leads down a completely new path involving figures of the foreign government, a restless Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), and a Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) who is about as unstable as the mission itself.

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