Top Ten Most Dangerous Sport Games in the World

Sports games serve different purposes in the world –the most paramount is developing mental and physical fitness. According to history, sports originated a long time ago and most of them during that period involved a lot of violence. If you thought that sports have turned for the better nowadays with minimal violence, thrill and a fear-factor involved, you are wrong. Here are the top 10 most dangerous sport games in the world.

  1. Cave Diving

Cave diving is arguably the most dangerous game in the world. Imagine a situation where you do not just dive into the sea, but in caves on the seabed. These caves are filled with darkness and accident happen more than they are mentioned. Suffocation and accidents are a norm here.

  1. Base Jumping

This is not a game for those with a weak heart. It involves a jumper jumping from the top of a huge building. Everybody who lives is a winner so there is no necessity to try and be the ultimate champion in this game. However, the most shocking fact is that 5-10 persons die every year as a result of base jumping.

  1. Motorcycle biking


Biking is admirable to anyone who loves speed and scary to those who do not. For bikers, this fun, but generally many people get injuries or even die while playing this game. Talk of racing at very high speeds in a rugged environment and you will see why injuries and this sport are close cousins.

  1. Bull riding

When you are on top of a bull and it moves in a wayward way, you are in for trouble. Breaking the jaw, kneecaps and even being stamped on the head are just but a few of the injuries you can sustain. Well, never expect a smooth ride on a bull riding competition since it is fun when you hang on while the bull attempts to shove you off. However, death or severe injuries may only be a toss away.

  1. Cheerleading

If you thought that cheerleaders are only there to cheer on the team, you are wrong. It has gradually transformed to a sport nowadays and the cheerleaders go to greater extents to entertain the crowd –it involves a lot more acrobatic stunts nowadays. Although they are subjected to vigorous exercises, only one wrong move is enough to cause serious injuries.

  1. Huge Wave Surfing

Surfing on small waves is fun –who doesn’t enjoy riding on water? Big wave surfing gives a great spectacle, a pleasing one that you can admire as long as you are not the one surfing. Big wave surfers face up to 50-feet high waves capable of eroding even an entire village but attempt to navigate their way through it. Being hit by the wave is perhaps something that you pray it would never happen since it is capable of drowning you. Many have died and if you are not that careful, you might too.

  1. Bull running

Thousands of people gather in Spain for the sole purpose of chasing bulls. If you are above the age of 18, and you feel like you can chase after a bull, then you are eligible. Unfortunately, many people have come the course of the bull and got severe injuries for participating in the game.

  1. Heli Skiing


Heli skiing is one of the most expensive sports that you can participate in. However, you pay that amount of money to face a near death experience and sometimes death. Accidents have occurred time and again in this sport, especially in recent times.

  1. Street Lugging

Lying on a skateboard and rolling down a street may seem like fun but it really involves great risks. A minute of collision may cause injuries of a lifetime. Bone fracture is also part of the game.

  1. Horseback riding

Riding on a horse at a slow speed is good, however riding at high speeds can result to bone breakages and even damages to the spine. Many people have also died in this sport.

Although there are many dangerous sports in the world, the above mentioned sports rank high.


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