Top Nash Grier Vines!

This 17-year old teen web sensation already has almost twelve million followers on Vine. Born in 1997, this web video star is from North Carolina.With about three billion loops, one may wonder what Nash Grier has.

Well, what does he have that keeps his followers craving for a daily dose of his posts? Read on as we enumerate what could just be the reasons fans are crazy for this young lad.


1. He’s into sports.

Most teenagers nowadays would often just sit in front of their computers and consoles, but this guys right here plays some sports.

2. Has a distinct choice of humor.

This young lad surely knows how to tickle the senses of his followers. No wonder he has millions of them.

3. He’s got some exotic dance moves.

Each one of us may dance to our own tune so who wouldn’t love a guy who could pull out some hilarious dance moves?

4. Pretty knows the best way out of a sticky situation.

Can’t handle awkward situations? Nash right here does know how to flawlessly get out of it.

5. Knows the difference of today versus back then.

Some may just argue that music was better back then, but you can’t deny that there are still good songs out there.

6. He can RAP!

Well, at least there’s some musicality in him.

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