Top Must Watch Harrison Ford Movies

Well, we tend to remember people when they do something notable. It’s not evil, it’s just human nature, it’s just who we are. When Harrison Ford ‘decided’ to land his World War II plane in a golf course, the attention and a couple of gashes he got from the unusual golfing expedition, we decided to piece up a get-well-soon list of his best movies that you must watch.

  1. Air Force One

Harrison played president in a movie full of drama, perhaps more drama than any US president would ever face. Gary Oldman and a couple of terrorists hijack his plane. At the end, Harrison, beats the terrorists with his own fists telling them to get off his plane. It was a masterpiece in 1997. It would still shame many now.

  1. American Graffiti

This came at his maiden movie day. Harrison was still doubling up as a carpenter to keep the food flowing as. When working at the home of a filmmaker, the filmmaker so it fit to cast his cabinetmaker, Harrison. It wasn’t much of a sensation, but it gave him the attention he needed.

  1. The Fugitive

The Fugitive is gripping. It keeps you on the edge, makes you keep wanting more. This makes it a perfect watch whenever it comes on TV. Every minute counts, you will get immersed into the story, from Dr. Richard’s leap of the train to the chase in St. Patrick’s Day parade.

  1. Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back

George Lucas is an exemplary producer. His efforts on this film definitely had some impact. We however cannot deny the fact that Harrison’s performance as the smuggler, Han Solo, was a notable force in the trilogy. Ford, may the force be with you.

  1. Blade Runner

Blade runner is an action packed movie from back 1982. It shows another side of Harrison Ford that we perhaps did not know about.

  1. Frantic

Frantic is as frantic as the title itself. Harrison casts as a faithful husband doctor focused on getting his wife back from kidnappers. He doesn’t kick butt like in his other action movies but he behaves strong and sees the mission to the end.

  1. Raiders of the last ark

The Raiders of the Last Ark was perhaps the best thing to ever happen on that warm sunny summer of 1981. Disney owns character rights. They might produce the movie sequel without Ford, we are still waiting for more 30 years down the lane.

Harrison has added flavor to a great number of action and drama movies. His character and ability to mold into the roles makes him one of the most memorable actors ever.


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