Top Mila Kunis’ Movies

This 31-year old Hollywood star mom, born in August 1983, is actually of Ukranian descent. Mila Kunis is a daughter of a physics teacher mother and a mechanical engineer father.

After having moved to the US when she was nine, she had already in her an inherent passion for acting. She was took acting classes in Beverly Hills Studios and since then, her career in filmography grew little by little.

This time, we will list down our top picks for Mila’s big screen appearances.

1. The Black Swan

In this psychological thriller film, Mila plays the role of Lily (The Black Swan) who was the dance rival of a newbie Nina (played by Natalie Portman).



2. Date Night

She had a relatively minor role in this romantic comedy 2010 film, playing the role of Whippit the wife of Taste (played by James Franco).

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

In this romcom, Mila is Rachel Jansen, a resort employee, who falls romantically for the main protagonist Peter Bretter (played b Jason Segel).


4. Max Payne

In this 2008 suspense drama film starred by Mark Wahlberg (as Max Payne), Kunis’ plays as Mona Sax, an assassin from Russia who seeks revenge for he sister’s murder.

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