Top Five Wittiest Adverts of the Decade

Online advertising is an advantage of the internet. Unique adverts make among hundreds of free classified ads for this reason. The following top five lists of the wittiest adverts should serve as a starting point.

John West Salmon Bear

It is not in vain that this ad became one of the earliest internet viral. Starting out tame, the ad shows a group of bears catching salmon in a river. Things change with john west starting a fight with one of the bears. The fisherman then confuses the bear with an imaginary eagle only to hit it in the balls. Attracting over 300 million views made the advert one of the most successful of its time, an envy for most free classified ads today.

John smiths Wardrobe monsters 

Paul silburn’s script shows Kaye enjoying a meal with his friends and wife. The daughter then calls after waking from her sleep due to the fear of monsters in her wardrobe. He cautions her against forced armed robbers instead.

Orange Gold Spot

The advert shows film executives interrupting snoop dog in the middle of his rap. The suggestion for him to focus on less sexual content and more on phone calls results in a standoff. This sees the executive doing the rap himself in a suit.

Black Currant Tango

Starting out in a corporate video style, Gardner reads a letter then leaves the office with some employees to a boxing match. The genius behind the ad makes it appear in one take yet it was shot in three.

Carlton Beer Chase

The ad shows four blokes stupid enough to get away from the police. They manage to drive away to party some more. Nothing shows the height of online advertising best than this ad.

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