Top 8 Books on Photography

1. The Complete Photo Manual (Popular Photography): 300+ Skills and Tips for Making Great Pictures

Ever wanted to take a photo of a cyclist in motion? Shoot portraits of your loved ones that show them at their best, or compose fine-art images that reveal your creativity? With The Complete Photo Manual, picture-perfect photos are just a shutter’s click away.
Photography books tend to be long, technical, and full of complicated jargon. For the amateur or pro who just wants to get quick-hitting tips and loads of inspiration, this is the book that does the job. In 355 handy, easy-to-grasp hints, this book gives you what you need to know to grasp the basics of lighting, composition, gear, working with models, and much, much more. Pro tips make this much more than a beginner’s guide.

2. Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

With more than 350,000 copies sold, Understanding Exposure has demystified the complex concepts of exposure for countless photographers. Now updated with current technologies, more than one hundred new images, and an all-new chapter, this new edition will inspire you more than ever to free yourself from “auto” and create the pictures you truly want.

In his trademark easy-to-understand style, author Bryan Peterson explains the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, including how to achieve successful exposures in seemingly difficult situations.

3. Photography: The Photoshop Handbook: ADVANCED Ways to Create Visually Stunning and Breathtaking Photos (Photography, Digital Photography, Creativity, Photoshop)

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to enhance your photographs using one of the most popular and most user-friendly software in the market, Photoshop.

If you have ever seen a stunning photograph, you will know that the image that you are looking at has been well thought out from many perspectives. The first will be composition, since the composition of an image is vital to its presentation. The second thing that you will notice is the depth of the image and the way it draws you into it. This may be achieved by intensity of color or by the fact that the photographer has used his unique style and what the photograph presents is original.

There are so many photographs of everything in this world, though making images that stand out from the crowd is easier than you may imagine. Of course, you need a certain amount of photographic ability and would need to know the rules of composition, how to use light and reflection as well as knowing how to enhance the photograph using your Photoshop software. The better composed and planned the photograph is, the better the results, even if you intend to use Photoshop.

Creating Amazing Images Was Once Only For Professionals But With This Book – Even YOU Will Be Able To Astonish Your Friends And Family On The Quality of YOUR Photography!

4. The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression

This is a newly revised edition of the classic book The Art of Photography (first published in 1994), which has often been described as the most readable, understandable, and comprehensive textbook on photography. In his accessible style, Barnbaum presents how-to techniques for both traditional and digital approaches. Yet he goes well beyond the technical as he delves deeply into the philosophical, expressive, and creative aspects of photography. This book is geared toward every level of photographer who seeks to make a personal statement through their chosen medium.

5. Photography: Digital Srl Crash Course! – A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Digital Photography & Taking the Best Shots of Your Li

Tell me, are you ready to discover one of the most amazing art forms of all times? Yes, I said art. Because photography, in essence, is way more than a mere hobby or profession. It’s a way of expressing yourself. It’s a way of immortalizing beautiful moments! Maybe for the own sake of storing memories with your own hands, maybe because it’s extremely fun -which trust me, it is-, maybe because there is no better feeling in the whole existence than to feel the amazing rush you get when you take an incredible photo. In any case, no matter what your motivation is, there is something quite clear: DSLR Photography is DEFINITELY for you! You see, when it comes to photography, we are ALL in the same game, and yet most people don’t even realize it. Most people don’t even take the time to analyze how they can take great shots…

6. Extraordinary Everyday Photography: Awaken Your Vision to Create Stunning Images Wherever You Are

Get inspired to discover the beautiful images around you

Photographers are born travelers. They’ll go any distance to capture the right light, beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and people. But exotic locales aren’t necessary for interesting photographs. Wonderful images are hiding almost everywhere; you just need to know how to find them.

7. Understanding Flash Photography: How to Shoot Great Photographs Using Electronic Flash

This guide to on- and off-camera flash picks up where Understanding Exposure leaves off, helping free photographers from the limitations of “auto” to get the images they want when natural light isn’t enough. For the many amateur photographers afraid to venture past natural lighting, here is the book that will finally help them explore the exciting possibilities of artificial light. In his trademark easy-to-understand style, Bryan Peterson explains not only how flash works, but how to go beyond “TTL” automatic flash exposure to master manual flash, allowing readers to control the quality, shape and direction of light for a perfect exposure, every time.

8. Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

Amazon’s #1 rated and best-selling digital photography book, and the first ever Gold Honoree of the Benjamin Franklin Digital Award, gives you five innovations no other book offers:

1. FREE VIDEO TRAINING. 9+ HOURS of video training integrated into the book’s content (requires Internet access). Travel around the world with Tony and Chelsea as they teach you hands-on. Appendix A lists the videos so you can use the book like an inexpensive video course.

2. TEACHER AND PEER SUPPORT. After buying the book, you get access to the private Stunning Digital Photography Readers group on Facebook where you can ask the questions and post pictures for feedback from Tony, Chelsea, and other readers. It’s like being able to raise your hand in class and ask a question! Instructions are in the introduction.

3. FREE LIFETIME UPDATES. This book is regularly updated with new content (including additional videos) that existing owners receive for free. Updates are added based on reader feedback and questions, as well as changing photography trends and new camera equipment. This is the last photography book you’ll ever need.

4. HANDS-ON PRACTICES. Complete the practices at the end of every chapter to get the real world experience you need.

5. 100+ PRACTICE QUESTIONS. Ungraded tests teach you to apply what you’ve learned.

6. 500+ ORIGINAL PICTURES. Detailed example pictures taken by the author and his wife in 15 countries demonstrate both good and bad technique. NO STOCK PHOTOS. Many pictures include links to the full-size image so you can zoom in to see every pixel.

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