Even Though He’s Almost 50, Tony Hawk Proves He Can Still Ride With the Best of Them!

Tony Hawk has been skating professionally for decades. Since his popular video game franchise has basically fizzled out into oblivion, the name “Tony Hawk” has faded away from the spotlight recently — being replaced in the limelight by men that are young enough to be his kids and even grandkids! However, in this viral video, Tony Hawk proves that he still has the moves – even though he is almost 50 years old – simply by using his skateboard and skills to jump over a MINI. We want to thank RIDE for posting this video online in the first place. You might think to yourself, “A MINI? That’s it? ANYBODY could jump over a MINI!” If that is the case, then can you do it? Tony Hawk  — you still got it! Don’t let anybody tell you anything different.

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