Need a Business Idea? Tom Haverford Has The Perfect Business Ideas – For Going Bankrupt!

Tom Haverford – Master of Business Failures

Tom Haverford. If you are a fan of the hit NBC series, Parks and Recreation, then you already know exactly who that is and what he does. Tom Haverford works part-time within the Parks and Recreation office, but he has big dreams that go much farther above and beyond his basic job duties. You see, Tom believes that (one day) he is going to come up with the perfect idea from his ongoing, always growing list of business ideas. The problem is that the vast majority of Tom’s ideas are hilariously creative — and impossible to pull off successfully. Many of the business ideas were not even scripted but improvised by Aziz Ansari (the actor who plays Tom Haverford) on the spot during multiple takes of filming the show. Therefore, if you think that it is Tom Haverford that comes up with these crazy ideas, you need to be asking yourself, “What is wrong with Aziz Ansari?” Just kidding, Aziz! You’re hilarious and we want to thank AskMen for creating this hilarious super-cut video that allow us all to take a moment and enjoy this “creative” genius.


Tom Haverford

If you want to go bankrupt, listen to THIS guy!

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