When You Put TMNT in an Epic Rap Battle Against Italian Artists, Here is What You Get.

TMNT. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You may know them as Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello. As a child, that’s all that you cared about when you would watch their movies, cartoons and play with their action figurines and video games. However, as you got older, you realized that each of the turtles included within the TMNT gang were not given unique names. No, they were actually named after famous Italian artists – including Leonardo da Vinci (aka the man who created the Vitruvian Man) and the Michelangelo (aka the man that painted the Sistine Chapel.) Our friends over at ERB wanted to explore both sides of this dilemma by creating an epic rap battle that places TMNT directly against each of the Italian artists from which they were given their names as an epic season finale. They even got some help from Rhett and Link to get it done. When you see this video, you will automatically be reminded of the amazing movies from the 90s that used life-like turtles and non-CGI puppeteer work to bring them to life. You will also become even more excited about the highly anticipated Michael Bay-produced TMNT movie that will hit theaters next month. Even if you are not a very big TMNT fan or have no idea who these artists are and what they did when they were alive, you are going to love this video.


TMNT vs Italian Artists

TMNT vs Italian Artists. Who won?

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