This Man Caught an Impressively Giant Creature – Sting Ray

Jeff Corwin- a Nature expert and conservationist bagged the world record for catching the biggest freshwater wish. Any guesses what it is?

Yes! It’s a sting ray that tool over two hours to spool in. It is magnificently humongous!

This sting ray, caught in Thailand's Maeklong River, is 8 feet wide, 14 feet tall, and almost 800 pounds.

8 feet wide, 14 feet tall and weighing 800 pounds!

The fish was so heavy, several men on the boat had to take turns reeling it in.

Sting Ray Caught in Maeklong River in Thailand.

It took seven people to lift the ray up and fully measure the beast, which was pregnant at the time.

7 people were required to measure the beast which was pregnant then.

With spring coming, there will be more monsters to be caught! Till then, Jeff Corwin can enjoy his record.


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