The New Trailer for “This is Where I Leave You” Might Make You Think Twice about Jason Bateman

Over the years, Jason Bateman has played more of a straight-shooter funny guy. However, in recent year, he has truly been able to expand his range in order to become much more versatile on the big screen – especially since he released his directorial debut, Bad Words. To show that Jason Bateman is a lot more marketable and valuable as a potential A-list actor in Hollywood today, he is taking some hilarious yet dramatic roles for quite a few movies. This is Where I Leave You, for instance, provides you with a taste of that talent in a way that you never would have expected before. Trust us! You are going to absolutely love this movie trailer. This is Where I Leave You doesn’t just feature Jason Bateman; he is further complemented by an ensemble cast including the likes of Tina Fey, Adam Driver and the legendary Jane Fonda. It will definitely make you excited about the future of film and, more importantly, the cinematic future of Jason Bateman.

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