This Thirsty Crow is So Cute – Especially When He is Asking You for Water!

A Thirsty Crow – That Begs People for Water. Enough Said.

Don’t you just love being able to watch a thirsty crow?

Chances are that the answer for that question is “no.In most cases, you probably have thought that any type of crow was either creepy, scary or a little bit of both. When it comes to most types of birds in general, you would rather deal with many other birds besides a crow in most cases. However, this cute viral video is going to change all of that completely and make you think differently about everything. This thirsty crow is bold and brave – especially since he decided to ask people for water! That’s right!

You more than likely have seen birds that were much bigger (i.e. gulls, pelicans, pigeons, etc.) begging for food – such as bread chunks. However, when is the last time that you saw a thirsty crow begging for water? This crow decided to obviously use its insane amount of cuteness and adorable qualities to get something to drink. Once you have taken the time to see this video, chances are that your viewpoint on crows will not necessarily change. But, one of the things that this video will do is allow you to appreciate the beauty of birds and everything that they have to offer – even if you do face the rare occasion of being able to see a thirsty crow.


thirsty crow

This thirsty crow asked people to give him some water.

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