The Reality Behind Fantasy Football(The League Show)

To most people, Fantasy Football League show was a fantasy brought into reality by Frank Skinner and David Baddie. Even though its roots are in what people thought the elite football games like World Cup, European Championship and the Premier League, the fact that the show discussed true football makes it a tad of a reality than the world fantasy would have you imagine.

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Even though the show went mute on 2004, its presence can still be felt across the football fan society. Up to today, people still have the opportunity to piece up a team of the week or any football team made of the players they think is the best. At those times, the fantasy team, and later video clips of actual games took precedence over everything else.

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The reality behind Fantasy Football, therefore, was the fact that everything would depend on your knowledge of the game. You could not and cannot play fantasy football if you do not understand players and their skills. It is just a smart way of saying that I love these players and their skill no matter the teams they are playing for.

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