The Nina Dobrev Pics You Need to See

This Canadian-Bulgarian actress is quite the bombshell. Her firm presence in a couple of high-flier TV shows like The Next Generation and the popular Vampire Diaries (as Elena or Katherine, the Doppelgangers ) should have given you a chance to get glimpses of her hot body. If these on-screen presence doesn’t get you enough Nina Dobrev, here are some pics at her best.

Kicking it off on a light note. She looks nice, even without trying. Her boots properly accentuate those long endless legs.

Big sweaters are cool. Nina  can sleep in them, photo shoot in them or sunbathe in them and still look hot.

Hang onto something, or be blown away. This girl sure does love her shorts, and legs

Stop blowing my hair! I am trying to pause for a photo. She needn’t struggle. Her sparkly eyes and intriguing smile is proof enough there is more to her than the legs.

I can hear you coming, I am a damn hot vampire who works out. Note her trim athletic body.

Some little play won’t do no harm, to her health and our eyes. Her curvy body is surely a sight to behold.

This photo was taken in her earlie days. It shows how much she has added to the right places with time.

Closed to it to the neck but was generous enough to give some cleavage hint. She is modest, don’t expect too much skin from her.

The flowers grew just in time to cover her ‘babies’. But they left the cleavage on display. That’d do for now.


I wonder how things wound up this way. But Conan is have a good time, who are we to object?

Throughout her career, Nina Dobrev has consistently maintained an acceptable profile. You will hardly find any truly controversial pics of her anywhere on the internet. I guess she just compels them out of the web and erases our minds if we see them.

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