The Most Dangerous Travel Destinations Cities In The World This 2015

People travel the world for two major reasons, to have fun or to do business. If you travel for business, it’s not up to us to tell you which city is dangerous. That would be the work of your fiscal study results. If you travel for fun, we would advise you to think twice before visiting the following world’s most dangerous travel destinations – unless you derive fun from the adrenaline rush that comes with being in the world’s most dangerous travel destinations.

  1. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexico is the land of drugs and cartels. Juarez is the official capital for these illicit trades. The drug lords are as violent as their traffickers are and the police are either corrupt or overwhelmed. No one will come to your rescue here.



  1. Peshawar, Pakistan

Warlords and tribe run the streets and anyone; especially foreigners are at risk of being trampled upon. Suicide bombings are as common as targeted attacks are. Judgement comes swiftly and ruthlessly without even knowing that you are being accused.


  1. Caracas, Venezuela

Once again, the drug lords run the city and contribute to the rampant organized and one-off crime activities in the city. You will get mugged if you cross the wrong lines, and shot if you trod upon the wrong set of toes.


  1. Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful place to be. Its natural beauty is an attracting force to most tourists and nature lovers. However, its acute poverty and social upheaval fuels a great deal of violent tendencies among the locals. If you must visit Cape Town, stay in a safe neighbourhood and only walk around when the sun shines.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Even though other Brazilian cities might have higher crime rates than Rio, the fact that tourists love Rio more makes it the most dangerous city to travellers. Even though the crime rates are lower and you could enjoy a safe holiday by keeping to the resorts and beaches, venturing into the city, especially at night, will definitely draw unwanted attention.


  1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Homicides, arm trafficking and illegal firearms run the city. With things so terse and so many weapons on circulation, you can imagine how many normal day arguments that could be settled over a pint end up in fatal gunshot wounds – if not deaths.


  1. Detroit, USA

Detroit tops the USA crime list with over 2,137 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. The most common crime is gang related with robbery, murder and assault topping the long list of possible dangerous situations you can find yourself in.


  1. The Gaza Strip

This has been a common war ground for as long as some people care to remember. The Israelites and Palestinians have been battling over the strip for decades. Motor or missile attacks are common. You can never tell when something will drop out of the sky and violently end your life.


  1. Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica is a good place for some Reggae music and ‘herbal’ retreats. Keeping to the resorts is always a good idea as assault and robbery are common on the streets. Most locals think tourists have more money hence making you an exclusive target.


  1. Port Vila, Vanuatu

Sometimes, we, humans, are our only poison. At other times, Mother Nature gets so pissed of our own incompetence and shortcomings she decides to unleash her wrath on us. Even though every city and place in the world could suffer of this wrath, Port Villa, Vanuatu is the most natural calamity susceptible city in the world.

Taking time to study your travel destination before booking a flight could save your life. If you must visit comparatively volatile regions, playing safe and keeping off night travel and volatile parts of the city should keep you safer.


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