This Proves That The Imitation Game WILL Get Benedict Cumberbatch Nominated for an Oscar!

The Imitation Game – one of the most highly anticipated movies of the fall season! Why? Benedict Cumberbatch is taking on the career-changing role of mathematician Alan Turing – the genius that led the frontline charge to cracking the German Enigma Code which allowed the Allies to win World War II. You might have liked watching Benedict Cumberbatch in the past as Sherlock on TV or even as Khan on Star Trek: Into the Darkness. However, you are going to love watching Benedict Cumberbatch play Alan Turing in this trailer for The Imitation Game from The Weinstein Company. Trust us! Even if you are not familiar or fond of World History, you are going to be blown away just by having the opportunity to see this movie trailer. The Imitation Game does not come out in theaters until November, so we more than likely will have a chance to see at least two more trailers for this movie between now and then. However, if this first trailer is the only one that you will ever see for The Imitation Game, that’s fine! Just make sure that you are at the theaters on November 21.

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