The Expendables 3 Trailer is Going to Give You Goosebumps Immediately!

Whether you are a fan of the past movies from The Expendables franchise or not, you will have to admit that this new trailer for The Expendables 3 will give you goosebumps. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news about this movie that has been released over the past year (leading up to this momentous trailer release), then here are a few highlights. The Expendables 3 will feature the big-screen return of Wesley Snipes in addition to quite a few new additions to the gang – including Harrison Ford, Kelsey Grammar, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas, Kellan Lutz and Ronda Rousey. Since the  rating for The Expendables 3 is going to be PG-13 (instead of R like the previous movies), millions more people will be able to see it around the world. This trailer clearly proves that The Expendables 3 is going to be the type of ensemble action movie that makes history!

An Update from IMDB

UPDATE (June 17th): The Expendables 3 trailer was originally leaked online and made available from several different YouTube channels. However, we have been informed that exclusive rights for this movie trailer were given to IMDB. Therefore, you can now watch the full-length official trailer for The Expendables 3 from IMDB below:

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