This Proves The Avengers Would Still Look Pretty Amazing Even If It Was an 8-Bit Video Game!

The Avengers – a Revolutionary 8-Bit Video Game?

The Avengers. When you first saw the movie, chances are that you thought it was one of the most impressive movies that you had ever seen in your entire life! The Avengers was a film that revolutionized the concept of a real-life superhero film. Even though you more than likely were impressed by watching The Avengers as cartoon characters over the years, seeing them as real people made it even better! CineFix decided to change things yet again by making this superhero ensemble even more impressive…as an 8-bit video game! CineFix has been able to create quite a few 8-bit artistic masterpieces in the past (including Forrest Gump). However their artistic rendition of The Avengers is an artistic masterpiece! Keep in mind that watching this 8-bit cinema is going to basically send you on a trip back in time down the road of Nostalgia. You will more than likely have some desire to play your old school Nintendo or Sega Genesis video game system. If you don’t have one, you will want to buy (or at least borrow) one. But it is a great way to get excited about Marvel movies that are going to be released to the rest of the world between this summer and next fall – including The Avengers 2. Enjoy!


The Avengers

Don’t you just love The Avengers as an 8-bit cinema?

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