Ten Times Taylor Swift Got Us Shock On The Red Carpet

Taylor Swift could easily enter the hall of fame as one of the world’s most successful musicians. She boasts of being the only one to make it to three million sales on her opening weeks. Most of her singles will top a couple of charts effortless. She is hard working, and consistent. Even though her life is relatively dramaless, there are times when she even left the paparazzi shocked. Here are the best.

Many people on the 2014 Video Music Awards were left mouth wide open by this heavy print bodysuit she settled for. It sure does show her beautiful legs, we must admit. Nevertheless, we all expected some elegant gown or an intriguing mini dress, not this.

InStyle is an open hub for celebrity styles and dressing ideas. Her knit form hugging dress surely made a statement and gave us something to think of.

This golden coloured mini dress with an illusion panel surely took her off the comfort zone. Think that is her cleavage? Well, it’s not, it’s the nude illusion panel I talked of.

Taylor has a thing for the nude illusion panels. I guess the only skin you will see for now is what is on her arms and face. Why would she use the illusion panels while she is so used to flaunting her legs in short dresses?

It’s in 2013, we didn’t expect anyone to show up in a frilly peasant blouse and some simple but interesting shorts. The throwback into the 60s is an ‘unexpected windfall.’

We are all used to Taylor Swift in a gown, or perhaps a bodysuit when she wants to get into our heads. This time, at the 2012 VMAs, she decided to turn tables into the unexpected by rocking white Tuxedos.

It was at a patriotic themed event. She sure does look good but we didn’t expect anyone, let alone Taylor, to show up dressed in a flag top to bottom.

It could have done just fine without the fishnets, but she is Taylor, she always knows how to make it look better. She taught us an unexpected lesson on style. You mustn’t be sophisticated to turn heads.

We will just leave this here. We wonder how she would look if we got a shot with her seated.

She looks like someone you could do business with, not a celebrity too eager to please by baring lots of skin and cleavage.

Taylor Swift life is smooth and full of unexpected but acceptable twists. She sure does know how to get us off guard and yearning for more of her antics.

Photo Credit: Imgix

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