Ten Times Hafii Amira Surprised us

She goes by the name Hafii Amira. She is big on instagram. If you don’t know about her or have never heard such a name, then you have little knowledge about what social media is. Let me save you some trouble and tell you what or who this woman is. She is hot. She has a marvelous behind. Those two factors are all you need to know. It is all that she is. We are past the Jennifer Lopez era. It would be great to get acquitted with the new chicks making headlines. Let us check out the number of times she has managed to surprise us.

  1. The thong selfie

Woe unto you if you thought lingerie was a reserve for the bedroom, behind closed doors. That would be if you have very little to flaunt. If you happen to be blessed with a nice butt, it makes perfect sense to share it for the world to see the masterpiece that God created. That is what instagram is for anyway.

  1. The beach

Nothing blends a great looking body during photo shoots better than the beach. It usually offers the perfect scenery for an epic photo.

  1. The blonde look

Another women’s beauty is not the absence of your own. . #donotlettheworldmakeyouhard.

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Hafiia Mira. (@hafiiamira) on

Nobody saw it coming but appreciated that it did. It is just amazing the number of looks this woman manages to pull off without breaking a sweat. She was born to do this.

  1. Kissing

Every woman wishes to be like her while every man wishes to be with her doing what this lucky dude is doing. A lip full of those luscious lips promises nothing short of a heaven-like feeling.

  1. The lady has got some hips too

From this view here, we can only say that is some nice piece of hips. They are full grown and enviable.

  1. The yeezy season 1

By now, it shouldn’t even be news anymore when Hafii shows up. It is a foregone conclusion that she has what it takes. She is a good ingredient that can guarantee the success of an event.

  1. She can handle her cigar

Whether it was just for the shoot or she actually smokes, she does make it look real cool. A sexy woman blowing up some smoke on the beach and not forgetting she is in bikini? That is recipe for mind blowing fun.

  1. The jeans

Enough with the raunchy bikinis, she can actually fit the ass in a pair of jeans. It is just awesome.

  1. With kanye west

it is not much of a surprise. He is a great mind and she is a great body. Kim might actually be wary of her if she does not want to run the risk of being left in the cold. It may turn up to be more than just business.

  1. Enjoying the breeze

She is just amazing. It is unbelievable that all that beauty belongs to one person.

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