Ten Most Bizarre Vampire Movies

Vampire movies are usually thrilling to watch. They give one the sensation of fright and excitement all at the same time. Several producers have mastered the art of producing master piece vampire movies. The themes or story line may vary but the constant factor is that it is about vampires and the theories revolving around them. Through the years, there have been some big hits and a bit of misses. Some should have just been left in the production houses. With that being said, let us look at ten of the most bizzare vampire movies.

  1. Rabid (1997)

This is definitely a first and one of its kind as far as vampire movies go. It was directed by David Cronenberg who decided to enlighten viewers on the fang sex metaphor. The main character of the movie is a blood thirsty vampire who does not bite necks of his victims but instead has an arm vagina that attacks by using a secret stinger on men and turns them to vampires.

  1. Dracula 2000 (2000)



It turns out Dracula is Judas re-incarnate. Judas Iscariot the betrayer who sold Jesus to the Romans like he owned him. In this movie he is busy screwing every hot thing with boobs. The movie turns out to an actual myth about the origin of the vampires. It explains their dislike for the cross and silver which is like a symbol of the 30 silver pieces paid to Judas.

  1. Captain Kronos (1974)

Here we have day walking vampires. That is just the introductory part. As we proceed, we learn that these psychic breed of vampires are somehow different. They possess the fangs and everything but the do not suck blood. You are now wondering how they survive. What they do is that they bite people and turn them to vampires but in return, they suck out everything that makes you human; your youth, soul, weakness and energy.

  1. Vampires kiss (1988)

The ironic part of this movie is that it was actually marketed as a comic movie. It features Nicholas cage as the main character. Peter Loew (Cage) is one guy living the ultimate bachelor life. He has the money, is successful and the women are always around him. Even with all these, he is one lonely man. One evening he is bitten by a vampire bat. From then onwards he believes that he is slowly turning into a vampire. It gets gross to the extent that he locks himself in his apartment and feeds on cockroaches. We never get to know for sure if he turns into a vampire or it was all in his head.

  1. Near dark (1987)

In this movie, we come across vampires who do not have fangs. Instead, they have human teeth which are very sharp. They are afraid of crosses and can fall down dead when exposed to sunlight. However, unlike other vampires, garlic, silver or any sort of bullets have no effect on them. This makes it very hard to kill them because the sun being your only weapon. You are only safe when it is shining.

  1. Life force (1985)

Three alien vampires land on earth from outer space. They engage in a spree of turning humans into vampires and zombies. They are a breed of ancient vampires that visited earth earlier on and are the ancestors of the vampires we have in the world today. They are the breed of psychic vampires which suck souls of their victims. They can also turn into bat-like alien beasts with fangs. You can only kill them by stabbing them on the torso with leaded iron metal shaft. We actually do not get why the Queen Vampire is naked throughout the entire movie.

  1. The house that dripped blood (1971)

You put on a vampire cape and Boom! You are a vampire. Go figure.

  1. Blacula (1972)

Finally, somebody thought it worthy to come up with the first African American vampire movie. it did pave way for many black vampire characters being featured in movies. At the time, it was actually unheard of and the movie did come out as weird.

  1. Hunger (1983)

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