The Way Some of These Teens React to Nirvana Will Make You Feel Frustrated and Old at the Same Time

What can you say about Nirvana? There has to be a generational gap at some point between the 80s and the 90s when Nirvana went from rock legends to absolute mysteries. Someone that is in their late 20s and older will more than likely know that Dave Grohl did not become famous in the Foo Fighters – he was already famous as the drummer for Nirvana. However, there are many people that are teenagers and younger that have no idea who Kurt Cobain was whatsoever or the impact that he left in the world of rock and roll.

This video proves just that. The Fine Brothers decided to create a panel of teenagers and just have them sit down in front of a laptop to watch and listen to a series of music videos from Nirvana, including their legendary hit “Seems Like Teen Spirit.” Some teenagers knew exactly who they were and rocked right along with them. Others clearly were introduced to Nirvana for the first time but appreciated how “genuine” their music sounded in comparison to the so-called “music” today. However, there were quite a few that just looked confused and lost – which will make you feel frustrated and old at the same time.

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