The Way These Teens React to Saved by the Bell Will Remind You of High School – And Your Age!

Saved by the Bell. It’s Been 25 Years Already?

Saved by the Bell. You might not realize it, but Saved by the Bell first premiered to the rest of the world 25 years ago. It was not exactly the show that you remember (especially since Zack and Screech were the only two characters that remained after the major show overhaul got rid of most of the original characters.) However, Saved by the Bell has definitely been able to bridge the generation gap between the 90s, the 2000s and the 2010s simply because Saved by the Bell is a timeless classic. The clothing, technology and musical scores used throughout the series were all dated, but the underlying stories and character arcs were absolutely timeless in every way.

Thanks to The Fine Bros, we can see teenagers and how they react to Saved by the Bell in this viral video. Some of them react the same exact way that you might have when you were their age. On the other hand, others might completely disgust you with their reactions – and make you feel old. However, just make sure that you always remember the good days long before syndication and reruns (if you can) when Saved by the Bell was one of the most popular TV shows on the air.

Saved by the Bell

How did YOU first react to Saved by the Bell?

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