Take a Walk Down Memory Lane by Seeing How These Teens React to Dial-Up Internet

You have more than likely forgotten all about how crazy it was to try and get online back in the 1990s. You see, that was the time when the Internet first started to take off in so many different directions – consuming the lives of more and more people with each passing year. Do you remember how long it took just to log in to the Internet back in the 90s? You had to make sure your dial-up internet modem was running properly and then listen to a series of clicks, beeps and static white noise until everything eventually went through. Remember? Well, if you were in the late 1990s or even after 2000, chances are you do not remember those gruesome days. This is why the Fine Brothers decided to focus on the 90s Internet in their newest viral video consisting of watching teens react to dial-up Internet. It will make you feel older almost immediately! Enjoy.

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