• These Posts are the Reasons Why David Lopez Became a Vine Star!
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    Vine, which was founded Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012 is now a worldwide phenomenon and is available already in 25 languages. As it became more available to the bigger population, surely more hopefuls will make Vine accounts and post their six-second videos and wishing to be re-vined. Surely, this video-sharing service will […]

  • Marcus Johns’ Vines You’ll be Addicted To
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    Marcus Johns or Marcus David Johns by birth is known for his appearances in a few films with the 2004 movie The Punisher being his first. Eight years later he was also in the comedy drama-musical Rock of Ages film and still in 2014, he also starred in the teen-flick Expelled. Born on April 11, 1993, the […]

  • Brent Rivera’s Vines are Totally Awesome!
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    This 16-year old web star from California with already 7.1 million followers on Vine is already an internet sensation. Brent Rivera first created a YouTube channel, MrBrent98, in 2011 and two years later he joined vine. According to, “it has always been his dream to entertain”. And sure enough millions of people across the world are hooked […]

  • Hilarious Lele Pons Vines!
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    If you have been to Vine, surely, you have checked out this 18-year old young lady from Florida. Lele Pons was the first ever Vine user to reach one billion loops. Imagine that?! But now it has grown to over five billion loops with 8.1 million followers. What makes this teen internet prodigy so special? […]