Watching This Super Selfie Will Make You Feel ‘Too Legit to Quit’

Gabriel Valenciano. You probably do not recognize his name just yet. That is primarily because he hasn’t reached the level of viral stardom that his online video colleagues have reached with their respective dance videos. However, Gabriel Valenciano definitely wins the award for unique creativity and originality when it comes to his innovative dance creation — the super selfie. You probably remember the very first super selfie video that was released online back in 2013. Now, Gabriel has decided to take things one step further with this massive super selfie. You see, the concept of a super selfie is to cut and edit clips of you dancing to a popular song in order to create one of the most artistic video selfies of all time.

This time around, Gabriel Valenciano was able to get a little help from The Manoeuvres – performing a massive, super selfie to the MC Hammer 90s hit “Too Legit to Quit.” The last time that you saw a dance video for Too Legit to Quit was probably when MC Hammer and PSY went viral by performing a Gangnam Style/Too Legit to Quit mashup at the American Music Awards. However, this super selfie video is sure to get more people excited about the song and the mere concept of a super selfie – especially when you see just how closely Gabriel and the gang were able to come to the original choreography. MC Hammer would definitely be proud.


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