These Strangers Didn’t Kiss to Go Viral. They Decided to Slap Each Other Instead!

You more than likely remember the First Kiss viral video that skyrocketed to tens of millions of views, likes and shares almost overnight, right? You probably even remember the viral copycats that followed it — such as the authentic first kiss video  or even the social experiment that required homophobics to hug homosexuals. Well, it seems as if that phenomenon has returned. This time around, though, strangers are not sharing a first hug or a first kiss. No. Strangers are sharing a first slap. That’s right! UptoMyKnees developed this hilarious video where random strangers (and Haley Joel Osment) were asked to slap each other silly. First, it started with a simple slap in the face. But, it quickly escalated much farther than that in a way that you will not believe until you see it. Wow!

Strangers Slap Each Other

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