You Can Stop the Cycle of Obesity By Paying Attention to This Video – Especially the End!

We Have to Stop the Cycle of Obesity!

Around the world, obesity has become a major problem for people of all ages. Even though childhood obesity has become more prevalent in recent years, morbid obesity has increased within the adult population even more quickly. There have been so many organizations, causes and campaigns that have been initiated in recent years in order to encourage people to stop the cycle of obesity because of its life-threatening consequences. However, none of those campaigns have managed to be as effective as the public service announcement / flashback video that was developed and released over the weekend by Your Nutrition Spot. The theme of this video is learning why it is so important to stop the cycle of morbid obesity by showing you exactly where and when it starts.

As you can see from this Stop the Cycle of Obesity video, you will see that it does not start with the burgers that you seem to inhale in the drive-thru window. No, it goes much farther back than that towards the bag of fries that you received as a baby in your highchair. What do you think? Is this video going to effectively help people to see the reason why they should stop the cycle of morbid obesity?


stop the cycle

Can you stop the cycle of obesity?



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