This ‘Stop Talking’ Card Was Handed to Him by a Close Friend – How He Reacted is Priceless!

The Beauty of a “STOP TALKING” Card.

Have you ever wanted to pass someone a “Stop Talking” card? Of course you have! We all have that one friend (or group of friends) that seem to get really involved in their own conversation to the point where they do not want it to end. You might feel like ripping your hair follicles out one by one just to get them to stop talking, right? You have several options. You can (1) cut them off and change the subject to try and bring the conversation to a screeching halt, (2) you can talk even louder than the other person to see if they can get the hint, (3) you can simply walk (or run) away and they will eventually get the point or (4) you can discreetly pass them a “Stop Talking” card and watch their reaction.

Please make sure that you thank Reddit user KnownSinner (the recipient of this card) for providing us all with a tool that we can use immediately to politely bring those extensive conversations to an end. He could have strangled his friend or easily got offended, but he decided to post it online instead for the rest of us to enjoy. If you think that the card itself is funny, wait until you read the story that is behind it:


I was telling my friend a story the other day and it must have taken too long because he quietly took out his wallet and handed this to me. He literally carries like 50 of them at all times.

Absolutely hilarious! The “Stop Talking” card — never leave home without it!


Stop Talking

How would you react if someone passed YOU a “Stop Talking’ card?

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