Steve Perry Returns to the Stage And Proves That He’s Still Got It!

Steve Perry, the lead singer of Journey, has not performed live on a stage since the mid-1990s (1995 to be exact). Many people may have started to doubt whether or not Steve Perry still had the chops to pull off some of the amazing notes he was able to reach with ease in his prime – especially in many of the timeless classics for which Journey has become known. However, at a recent EELS performance, Steve Perry was able to take full advantage of the opportunity by shutting up all of the doubters and destructive critics with an amazing comeback performance. Perhaps this viral performance which has already been viewed over one million times will lead to a potential career comeback for this former frontman. Or, on the other hand, perhaps Steve Perry just wanted to make sure that he still had the skills before he slithered back into the world of oblivion. Regardless of what happens next, Steve Perry and Journey fans will be able to enjoy this amazing performance for years to come.

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