Stephen Hawking: This Trailer Proves He is a Lot More Interesting than You Think!

Stephen Hawking – A Hero in His Own World!

Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking is the definition of a superhero. Sure, he might not have a cape and the ability to outrun a speeding bullet like Superman but his intellectual strength and inner drive of motivation has forced him to outrun the speeding bullets of negativity, doubt and unreasonable odds. You might not know very much about Stephen Hawking or the life that he lived before a rare disorder led to him being required to talk through a machine. However, Universal Pictures has plans to change your perception and knowledge of him and all of his achievements by releasing the biopic “The Theory of Everything.” When you see this first official trailer, you will learn more about why Stephen Hawking is such a superhero in less than 3 minutes than you ever thought was possible. Enjoy!


Stephen Hawking

The Theory of Everything.


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