Stars Whom the Society Thought Were Not Good Enough

The society could be encouraging, fun, and loving. Sometimes, however, it becomes the very demise to many young dreams. People will sometimes feel that you are not good enough or simply don’t have what it takes to make it in life. Sometimes, the society is right. Sometimes, it is dead wrong. Here are some stars who faced the same criticism when young but still made it.

Sally Field

Sally field was told she wasn’t cute enough to be an actress. Her agent even had doubts about her capabilities. She was even fired on several occasions for her looks. She has grown to be an impressive talented actress despite all these setbacks.

Christina Hendricks

Christina joined the market when slender was the in thing. All agents wanted her to lose some weight to be appealing and good enough. She is happy she didn’t heed since she is now successful and celebrated for her curves.

Meryl Streep

Dino De Laurentiis thought Meryl was too ugly to cast the King Kong. He even expressed is opinion by calling her ugly in Italian. He was definitely embarrassed when she replied back perfect Italian.

Allison Jenney

Standing 6 foot tall, Allison and producers thought she was too tall to act anything other than a lesbian or an alien. She currently has six Emmys to her name.

Amy Schumer

Amy has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism about her looks. Some people call her chubby, others unconventionally attractive. Those who know her for what she truly is, sharp clever and funny, know how successful and attractive she can get.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jenny once almost lost a gig since the producers though she was too heavy. She was threatened of being fired if she doesn’t lose weight. Well, she held on and proved her true worth. She is successful, and celebrated for her curves in the current day curvaceous society.

Kate Winslet

Kate is definitely gorgeous.  When young, however, some thought she was too huge to feature in some play roles. This was also the same case when she started with acting. She some made it through no matter what the society thought.

Gauging people by their looks rather than by virtue of what they can do is not fair. These celebrities are proof that you can make it no wonder what the society thinks. All you need is dedication.

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