This Star Wars Rebels TV Series Should Hold You Over Until Star Wars Episode VII is Released!

Star Wars Rebels – A Revolutionary Cartoon.

Are you excited about the new Star Wars movie? Over the past several months, we have been teased with all kinds of great footage from the official Star Wars set. Some of it has been made by fans, such as the “leaked” airport footage. However, JJ Abrams has played a role in releasing a lot of official footage as well – including a picture of the complete cast, announcements about new additions (just like Pip Anderson) as well as a glimpse of the Star Wars set and even a X-Wing Starfighter. However, if you are looking for something that can really hold you over until Star Wars Episode VII is released, you are going to love Star Wars Rebels. Star Wars Rebels is a brand new animated TV series that is coming to Disney XD. Even though your kids are the ones that usually watch Disney XD, you are going to have no problem with watching it once Star Wars Rebels is finally released and premieres later on this year. Trust us – when you see this extended trailer of Star Wars Rebels, you are going to immediately get excited. Whether you like Star Wars or not, you have to admit that Star Wars Rebels is one impressive series.


Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels. Get excited!

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