Star Trek Moments You Probably Forgot About

Star Trek is one of the greatest Sci-Fi franchises next to Star Wars. To the geeks and lovers of fantasy, Star Trek is a movie that pushes imaginations and science to the extremes. Even though you might love your movies. There definitely interesting Star Trek things you probably forgot.

The Peace Sign

This is the Vulcan greeting and finger separating gesture that means ‘Live long and prosper.’ It is a from the Jewish blessing. The fingers in the gesture form the Hebrew letter ‘Shin’ that stands for Shaddai, Almighty God. By holding one up, Nimoy symbolizes live long and prosper.

McCoy is a doctor, not a…

Even though everyone knows McCoy is a doctor and not an engineer, bricklayer or soldier, he goes to the extreme ends to remind us who he is – and who he isn’t. Sir, we know what you are, will you please keep silent and let us ‘punch it?’

The True Sense Behind Star Trek

Star Trek is all about going where no one has ever been before. This is something you should never forget as a Star Trek fan. Inasmuch as the screen play and politics might derail you, forgetting the true cause of the franchise is tantamount to mutiny. Mutineers hang.

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