Star Trek: How Voyager Changed The Series

When you think of all the Star trek productions, Voyager is perhaps the one that has not been accorded the best reception from fans. The hatred arises from as early as the first two words in the title itself. While Star trek has had a good run since its inception, a lot changed between the first series produced and the Voyager sequel. This did not go well with most fans.

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Voyager had the opportunity to live up to its predecessor Star Trek Universe, but it failed to impress. Stranding the crew in Delta Quadrant did not seem to offer the production much. Even with the immense power that the captain had in this series, which could not be breached, the story still did not have enough power as the creators thought it would.


With all the attempts made to create an interesting piece, the tale still hit a dead end corner. There were little or no attempts to experiment new ideas and this did not go well with what the fans had to think about it. In the end, the production got more condemnation than praise from ardent fans of the Star trek series.

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