Stan Lee Hates Going to the Dentist – But Not for the Reason You Might Think

You Don’t Want to Make Stan Lee Angry.

Stan Lee — the creative genius that helped create the Marvel Universe decades ago when the concept of radioactive spiders, gamma radiation monsters and billionaire philanthropists in iron suits would have scared the average person. Whenever you see Stan Lee in a movie cameo or an interview, he always seems so peaceful – as if nothing and no one in the world could ever make Stan Lee angry! However, that is not the case at all! According to the World of Heroes, Stan Lee is angered by a certain type of person — the dentist. How so? It is not the overall experience that causes Stan Lee to become as angry as Bruce Banning in a highly stressful situation. No! As you can see in this video, Stan Lee is actually angered by the fact that the dentist will fill your mouth up with swabs and suction hoses and then ask you about your day. When you hear the other points that Stan Lee brings up in his hilarious, viral rant, you are going to love him just a little bit more. Keep in mind that the vast majority of what Stan is going to say in this video, you have already thought about in the past when you visited the dentist’s office and maybe even talked about with your friends. But hearing your thoughts come out of the mouth of Stan Lee – the man who created Peter Parker – will make you feel that much more sure of yourself. Enjoy!


Stan Lee

Stan Lee – the last man on Earth you want to make angry.

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